Hi. I am Joe Sousa, a licensed psychotherapist in the State of CA. I’ve been providing counseling services in the Santa Cruz area in one form or another since 1993. Currently, I work with adults, couples, and college-age students on a variety of issues, from relationship enhancement to depression, anxiety, and addictions. In other words, I provide counseling for you and your relationships. 147 S. River Street, Suite 230, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

I trust we all have the power within us to get to the healing and growth we need, and we work together to make that happen. In addition to my education and training, I offer the perspective of many years of working with many people in therapy, utilizing the collective wisdom of the healing and growth of others to bear on the present moment of our work. Counseling and psychotherapy is largely about gaining new insight and new perspectives on the issues we’re working with. In fact, the word “therapy” means “to provide perspective”.

My particular background is in traditional cognitive-behavioral and relational (family systems) therapy, mixed with psycho-spiritual (mindfulness) and somatic (Hakomi) therapy. I also specialize in working with depression, anxiety, and addictions. I largely work in the here and now, looking for themes that lead to deep, habitual patterns of thought and body that may be blocking or limiting a fuller aliveness at the moment. Whatever the issue, we get to look at it and work with it and see what can be done with it, so happiness, which I believe is our natural state, can shine forth more freely and openly. , MFT, MFCC, counselors, psychologist, psychology